We Care for Your Pets When You Can't

In-Home Pet Care, Mail Pickup, Plant Watering and More!

Your bags are packed, your reservations are made, your tickets are in hand. You've checked your list and even remembered to bring the sunscreen you forgot last year and had to pay $10 for at the giftshop.

Yet still your gut tells you something is missing.

Then you hear that whine, that meow, the bubble of the tank, and it hits you: you're leaving behind your best friend. He gives you "that look" and your heart drops in your chest as you say your good-byes.

  • Does he know you're coming back?
  • Will he chew the house to pieces?
  • Will his tank get green and gooey?
  • Will the neighbor kid you hired remember to feed him?
  • Will the neighbor kid lift your DVDs?
  • Will the dog and the cat get along?
  • What if they get sick while you're away?

There's No Need to Worry

Cat's Meow will relieve your worries and make your time away from home less stressful for both you and your beloved pets. We'll even get your mail and make sure you still have plants when you return. Our responsible, loving care will give your pets something to purr about.

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